Summertime means it’s also time for tourists to flock to the Coast, seeking sun, sand, and a bit of relaxation. With the influx of tourists comes an increased need for workers. In Wilmington, the workforce almost doubles in the summertime. Workers’ compensation might not be your first thought when it comes to summer, but the reality is, with as many additional workers as there are, the risk of workplace injury also increases, especially in restaurants and the service industry.

As attorneys who specialize in workmans’ comp, we often see an increase in work injuries over the summer. For instance, we recently helped a Wilmington native who was injured while servicing a pool rental. As a result of his work injury, he required a full knee replacement. Fortunately, we were able to help him get the medical assistance that he needed, and the settlement he deserved.

From all of us at Oxner + Permar, enjoy your summer and the increased wages it brings, but be safe! And if you or someone you know is injured on the job, please be sure to contact an attorney for free advice.