Often we hear clients ask questions such as, “I’ve always had problems with my shoulder, but my existing problems have been made worse by my work injury. Can I get workman’s comp to cover my worsened condition?”

The answer is: Yes you can! The fact of the matter is, we all live real lives, and very few of us will go through life without incurring some kind of injury. Whether it be a back injury, shoulder injury, or knee injury, if you are hurt on the job and your existing condition is made worse by your work injury, then you should still be covered by workers’ comp.

Don’t allow someone to convince you that just because you have an existing problem, you should be denied workers’ comp. Cases relating to workers’ comp are clear on the issue. When a workplace injury makes a pre-existing but non-disabling condition become a disabling condition, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Be aware that it’s not uncommon to experience resistance from your insurance company. They’re not going to want to cover a condition that they view as potentially pre-existing. But you are entitled to your rights. If you have a pre-existing injury that has been made worse by a workplace injury, don’t hesitate to call an attorney.

Existing injuries that have been aggravated by a work injury may be covered by workers’ comp. Be sure to speak to an attorney to make sure you’re getting the benefits you deserve.