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With few exceptions, if your injuries occurred at work or during work related activities, and if they were due to an accident or specific traumatic event, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been injured on the job and started the process of obtaining these benefits, you may already know it is difficult to determine what is rightfully owed to you.

We often tell people we hope they never need our services. That may sound strange, but it is because the workers’ compensation process can be very challenging. You are injured, and working to heal is a difficult process. Dealing with an insurance adjuster who will not give you the full story, or won’t return a call and it can begin to feel hopeless. Typically, by the time an individual reaches out for our help, things have already gone wrong. Some common complaints we hear from our clients are:

  • Receiving weekly checks, but they are not accurate, or less than what you are actually owed.
  • Not receiving your checks weekly, or on a timely basis.
  • Back to work, but your employer is not paying you the same amount you received prior to your injury.
  • Back to work, but your employer is making you perform work outside of your work restrictions.
  • Back to work, and your supervisor is now trying to write you up for things that were never an issue in the past.
  • You feel your treating doctor is not offering all the medical treatment needed in order to help you recover.
  • Work restrictions from treating doctor do not accurately reflect what you can do at work given your ongoing symptoms as a result of your work injury.
  • The insurance company refused your request for a second opinion from a medical provider.
  • Delays in the insurance company authorizing medical treatment your doctor is recommending.
  • If assigned a Nurse Case Manager, they do not allow you to have a private exam with your doctor.
  • Medical bills are not being paid and Dr. recommendations aren’t being followed.

Once things have gone wrong, you need a legal advocate. At this point, our hope that you wouldn’t need our help has probably vanished. Now, if you do need the help, you need to choose someone who has represented thousands of injured workers and has the experience and the knowledge to get you the benefits you deserve.
The Workers’ Compensation laws for both North and South Carolina are written in such a way that leave room for interpretation of the law. This can create confusion for the injured worker, and opportunity for the insurance company. The insurance company knows about these potential minefields, and we have seen them try to take advantage of the injured worker. In our opinion, these laws are designed to favor employers, not injured workers. The insurance company also often has legal representation working behind the scenes. While this may be your first workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company and their attorneys have handled thousands. They do this for a living, you don’t.

We have helped thousands of people fight the insurance companies for the compensation they deserve, and we love to fight for those that have been wronged. Our goal is to Make Wrongs Right for injured workers. If you are being wronged by the insurance company, or wronged by your employer, give us a call. Our consultation is always FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Call us today and let us start fighting for you.

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