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Your first step is to speak to someone in our New Client Division. This is always a FREE confidential conversation. These are highly trained team members who gather information our attorneys will need when evaluating your case. The NCD is going to
  1. Listen to your story.
  2. Ask questions, but always keep the conversation confidential.
  3. Make a recommendation for next steps.
This step may take between 5 minutes- 1 hour.
If the NCD has listened to the facts of your case, and agrees you should speak to an attorney about representation, the next step is up to you.
  1. You can speak to an Oxner + Permar, pllc attorney immediately.
  2. Or, we will provide you with the information you need to educate yourself about your options. We have written books and made videos to provide information to injured individuals.
Speaking to an attorney for a case evaluation, a referral to another attorney, or our books and videos are all FREE. We want all injured people to have access to information that will strengthen their case, whether we represent you or not.
The FREE attorney consultation is next. This can be a phone call, or an in person appointment. Expect this conversation to last about 30 minutes. The attorney is going to have all of the information gathered by the NCD, but may still have additional questions pertaining to your case. At the end of this consultation, the attorney will suggest a plan of action. This may include moving forward with representation from an Oxner + Permar, pllc attorney. If not, the attorney will explain your other options.
If you choose to move forward with representation from Oxner + Permar, pllc, you will then review and sign the letter of representation and fee agreement. The fee agreement details how our firm is compensated once your case has been settled or won. Once these documents are signed, we immediately file representation on your case. This legal document informs the insurance company, and/or in the case of a Workers’ Compensation case, the Industrial Commission that we are your legal representation.
Meet your team. On the same day you agree to representation, you will be contacted by the paralegal and attorney who will be handling your case. The attorney you spoke with during your consultation may not be the attorney assigned to your case. Your attorney will be the one with the experience necessary to handle your type of case. Both the paralegal and attorney begin work on your case immediately.
As your team works on your case, you will receive scheduled updates. This includes letters, calls and text messages notifying you of the status of your case. If these regular updates are not enough, you are always welcome to call and speak to your team. The OP Promise details our call back policy. If there are any changes to your case that fall outside of your scheduled updates, you will be notified immediately.
As your case progresses, we may find it necessary to file motions to expedite a response from the insurance company. We may also find it in your best interest to take your case to hearing or court. We will always work with you in deciding how to proceed, and will discuss your options and advise you of what we feel is best for the outcome of your case. Although we have handled thousands of cases like yours and have the experience to properly advise you through this process, you are in charge. We are not here to push you. We are here to partner with you.
As you near the end of your case, we can not guarantee a particular outcome. However, we can guarantee you a legal team that is your absolute advocate. A legal team that has worked for many years fighting for individuals like you. Your Oxner + Permar, pllc team has the negotiating power only a law firm with a proven track record of success could hold. We have some of the most respected attorneys in the industry working on our team, and we guarantee they will be fighting for you every step of the way.
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