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Either you or a loved one have probably been injured. That’s why you are here, looking for information. Do you need medical treatment? Are you capable of working? How are you going to pay your bills? And what exactly can you do about this? Should you really trust the insurance company to tell you the whole story about your claim? And how can you decide if you need a lawyer, much less which lawyer to choose?

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you. Yes, we’re lawyers. But we’ll tell you something most attorneys won’t: If you’ve been hurt you may not need us. That’s right. You may not need an attorney. And if you do need an attorney we may not be the right ones for you. What you do need is information, told truthfully, about your case and the law. You probably don’t need a lot of pressure from a law firm trying to get you to sign a contract with them and then never hearing from the lawyer again until he tells you why you should settle your case and let him take a fee.