Claims against big hospitals can be intimidating. As a hospital employee, you may feel like you’re David going up against Goliath. But at Oxner + Permar, we have the experience and resources to ensure that this is a fair fight. We’ve worked with nurses, hospital support, CNAS, respiratory therapists, ultrasound technicians, and many other medical professionals. We know how to work within the medical field to get the benefits that injured workers deserve.

In our experience, medical professionals are great at helping others in need, but often don’t recognize when they themselves need help. On top of that, medical professionals are faced with the challenge of having to seek treatment outside of the hospital or medical facility where they work. We understand that it is critical to keep your medical condition and treatment confidential.

As attorneys with extensive experience dealing with worker’s comp cases in the medical field, we are huge advocates of medical professionals. We’re passionate about making sure that those who care for others are taken care of themselves. With $275 million in awards and settlements, the team at Oxner + Permar has the experience to make sure that you’re getting the care you deserve.

Don’t be intimidated by your hospital, if you’ve been injured in the medical field. Be sure you are protecting your rights and that someone is on your side, fighting for you.