We cannot guarantee the results in any case – there’s too much uncertainty as to what may happen. That’s especially true if you hire us early in a case. If you don’t get better your case is going to be worth a lot more than if you’re back to your old self in six months. Obviously you would rather be healthy with a small case than the other way around. In many cases, though, we are able to negotiate a settlement which is considerably larger than you would have gotten on your own so that even after having paid a fee you walk away with more money than you would have otherwise.

We aren’t good at everything… if you need to fight a traffic ticket or get a divorce we probably aren’t the right attorneys for you. But we do know the ins-and-outs of workers’ compensation. In this area knowing the law is critical to getting what you are entitled to. Oxner + Permar is proud to have more North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialists than any other plaintiff’s firm in the entire state.