Well, with the current state of the law in North Carolina an employer can fire you for just about anything. That’s not reassuring, we know. But it would be self-serving and dishonest to say if you hire us we can guarantee you won’t ever be fired. On the other hand we’ve seen very few clients get fired when they hire us. In fact the number of people who come to us having been fired under dubious circumstances is much greater than the number who get sacked after we are on the case? Why? Well it’s our perception that a lot of employers who want to mistreat an employee are figuring that they will get away with it. The average employee would have no idea if this was legal or illegal or what their options might be. They may be ticked off but likely won’t do much about it because they don’t know what their options are. On the other hand if the employer knows you have an attorney this tactic wouldn’t work. All you’d have to do is call us. Thus we’ve observed what we think is a deterrent effect on employers who might otherwise get shifty.