As workers’ compensation attorneys, we get asked a lot of questions everyday. I love getting these questions because it shows that my clients and potential clients are engaged in their cases and are working to understand the workers’ comp process. Never be afraid to ask your attorney questions.


One of the questions I hear most frequently is, “When should I get a second opinion on my medical treatment?”


When it comes to workers’ comp claims, there are a couple of ways to obtain a second opinion evaluation.

  • Ask the defendant (your employer/insurance carrier) to provide one
  • Request the Industrial Commission to order a second opinion


Generally you would ask the defendant before seeking help from the Industrial Commission; however, it’s always a good idea to follow the advice of your attorney when it comes to what’s best for your case.


As for when you should ask for a second opinion — it’s going to depend on your case. Typically, unless there is a dispute about the medical treatment, it’s probably best to wait until the end of your treatment. This is because you can get the most bang for your buck since the second opinion doctor can review all of your treatment.


Of course, if there is a dispute about your treatment, you should seek a second opinion when the problem arises. That way the dispute can be resolved as quickly as possible, and you can be properly evaluated, treated, and compensated. Your attorney should be able to help you through a situation like this.


If there is any dispute over your treatment, seek a second opinion; otherwise wait until your treatment ends. If you are dealing with a workers’ comp case and require a second opinion, contact Oxner + Permar for a free consultation.