After you’ve been injured at work, it’s very likely that you’ll be given work restrictions by your doctor. If this happens, you’ll be able to return to work in a light duty job. This job is likely a modified version of your old job, or an alternative job that complies with your restrictions. In many cases this is a good situation, and there are no problems. However, just because this job falls within your work restrictions, that doesn’t mean additional injuries won’t occur.


It could be that you end up overusing one body part to compensate for your injury. For example, let’s say you injured your shoulder while at work. When you start your light duty job, you’re probably going to have to work one-handed while your injured shoulder recovers, and it is quite possible for you to injure your other shoulder.


If this happens, it’s likely the insurance company won’t agree to pay for the injury to the other body part. But don’t let that stop you! We have had success at the Industrial Commission in getting compensation and medical treatment for this kind of injury. In the past we’ve been able to show that since the second injury was a direct and natural consequence of the original injury, it should be covered.


It is possible to earn compensation for an injury that occurs while you’re on light duty restrictions. If you’ve experienced a similar work related injury, give us a call for a free consultation.