If you cannot earn as much money as you did prior to your injury you are entitled to be paid two-thirds of your wage loss for a period of 500 weeks from the date of the injury. In some rare exceptions you may be able to be paid beyond that 500 week date if you can prove you are incapable of any work whatsoever.

Most people are able to return to the workforce but at reduced pay. In those situations the insurance company will be required to pay two-thirds of your loss on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that as you get raises or promotions the amount that the adjuster owes you will go down.

If we can establish that your wage loss is going to be greater than 25% we can often work it so that the insurance adjuster is required to send you to school for retraining. You are entitled to attend any public North Carolina community college or university and the adjuster will have to pay all associated expenses for that.