It’s all a bit more complicated when your employer is uninsured, that’s true. And a lot of attorneys refuse to handle those claims. We take a different approach and have a long track record of pursuing these claims. It’s not easy but it can pay off in the end.

By law any company with three or more employees has to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Sometimes there is a legitimate confusion over this – if the owner workers regularly in the business he or she is an employee for this number in many cases. Sometimes uneducated insurance agents tell employers they don’t need workers’ compensation insurance if they aren’t three full-time employees. Other times these agents suggest that the company designate many people as “independent contractors” in order to avoid requiring workers’ compensation insurance or to limit the number of employees on the coverage (premiums are set as a percentage of payroll. Fewer employees or lower payroll means lower insurance premiums.)

This is particularly true in fields like construction and truck driving where employers are prone to labeling everyone an “independent contractor” to avoid carrying workers’ compensation insurance.