Dealing with a long line of medical professionals and insurers after sustaining a work injury comes with a huge amount of stress—especially when you’ve sustained traumatic brain injury or a closed head injury. There’s nothing worse than having to take time out of your day to deal with doctor’s visits, particularly when it feels like you’re not making any progress, or that the doctor is not doing enough.


However, it’s essential that you maintain a good relationship with your doctors and remain on top of your care.

Some people think that an MRI or CT alone can prove that they were injured and the extent of that injury. In actuality, with traumatic brain injury cases or closed head injuries, often times even using examinations like MRIs and CT scans offers little to no objective evidence to show the injury. Therefore, when describing your injury, your credibility is very important. How do you ensure you have credibility? Be consistent about your medical complaints and concerns in medical records. These, of course, come from consistent medical visits in which any doctor at any time can see the consistency of your complaints over time.

The process of these multiple doctor’s appointments can be long and arduous; however, it’s important to keep a positive and friendly attitude. It is common for the doctor’s testimony to be taken in regards to your case, and they may not be willing to support your claim if you’ve been combative or taken your frustrations out on them. Maintaining a positive relationship with your doctor is the best way to get their support when it comes to supporting your claim.

Even though the road to recovery can be long and arduous, be sure to maintain a good relationship with those who are going to be your allies on your workers’ compensation claim.