If you’ve lost your job after a work injury, it might feel like you’re completely out of options—especially if your employer has told you that you’re no longer eligible for workman’s compensation. Often, an employer will tell an employee that they are no longer entitled to workers compensation, hoping that the employee will forget about the claim. This simply is not true: you are entitled to workers’ compensation even if you have been terminated from your job. So don’t give up!

Another thing to watch out for is that some insurance companies will try to tell you your claim will close once treatment has ended. Also not true. The only way a claim can close or settle is by your voluntary agreement via a compromise with the insurance company.

At Oxner + Permar, we understand that these problems can be difficult to navigate without professional help. If you’re unsure of anything regarding your case, be sure to contact an attorney. With more than $275 million in workers’ compensation awards and settlements, we’ve got the experience to help our clients navigate their way through misinformation and make sure that their rights are being protected.

If you’ve sustained a work injury, be careful as not everyone has your best interests at heart. Make sure you’ve got people who are fighting for you and protecting your rights.