Dealing with workers’ compensation often means a whole lot of headaches and jumping through hoops to get the benefits you need. It can be frustrating when dealing with insurance companies to have to go to the hospital or doctor that they prescribe. Of course, the reason they can choose the hospital or doctor is because it is your employer’s insurance that is covering you, not your own insurance. However, if you feel that your diagnosis is inaccurate, is it okay to ask for a second opinion?

The answer is yes! If you feel that your diagnosis is inaccurate or that you are not healing as quickly as you should, then definitely ask for a second opinion. However, you cannot just go to a different doctor and expect it to be covered. The first step is to get written permission from your employer to see another physician. This should include the name and address of the physician you wish to see. If your employer gives written permission, then you can schedule your appointment.

So what if your employer doesn’t respond or give permission for you to see another doctor? Well there is another option. If this first step fails, then you can appeal to the North Carolina Industrial Commission for a second opinion. If the Commission agrees to a second opinion, then your employer must follow through and allow a second opinion. Generally you will need to prove that a second opinion will increase your recovery time or will improve your wellbeing.

If you have any questions about how to obtain a second opinion be sure to contact an experienced attorney. It’s always good to have someone on your side who is willing to fight for your rights and dedicated to ensuring that you get the best care in order to make the fastest recovery.