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One of the trade-offs in workers’ compensation is that you receive no direct payment for pain and suffering.  You’ve undoubtedly heard this phrase being used in the context of people who bring... Read more
If you have a workers' compensation claim which is open and you are drawing weekly checks -- either temporary total disability if you are completely out of work or temporary partial disability if you... Read more
We’ll give credit where credit is due: some workers' compensation adjusters tell injured workers about this. But in our experience the majority of them don’t. If you go to see your workers'... Read more
Well… we all live with our choices of elected officials. The history of workers’ compensation law shows that the slant of the law has shifted dramatically over time. In the early days, workers'... Read more
Our workers' compensation laws entitle you to lifetime medical care if needed. However you need to be realistic and understand that as time goes on the workers' compensation adjuster is going to be... Read more


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