You may remember from one of our previous blog posts (August 26, 2016) that the Xarelto Bellwether trials were supposed to be underway by now. In fact, the first case was supposed to have been heard in February. However, the trial was postponed. What caused this major trial to be postponed may surprise you.


Generally, courts don’t like to postpone trials if they can help it. But it does happen. Trials can be postponed for things like family emergencies or scheduling conflicts. Sometimes they’re delayed because of a change of venue or because more time is needed to prepare. The reason for the delay of the Xarelto Bellwether trials? Basketball.


That’s right, basketball. The NBA All Star game was scheduled for the middle of February – the same week as the Xarelto Bellwether trials. Because of this, both parties agreed to delay the start of the trials. Though the exact reason as to why they didn’t want the trials to start the same week as the game is unknown, we can speculate that maybe they didn’t want the distractions of two major events happening at the same time.


The trials were rescheduled for March. The first trial was moved to March 13th, and the second will take place on April 24th. The results of the first four trials are going to have a huge impact on the outcomes of the cases that come after, so be sure to look for the results of these cases!


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