The Oxner + Permar team supports our troops. We take time to remember and thank our service men and women on Memorial Day—and throughout the year. We support charities that help our service men and women lead safe, healthy lives. And when our service men and women have been injured during their civilian job or they are struggling on the job with injuries sustained during their service, we are there for them. In fact, our firm has assisted a number of soldiers who are working after being discharged from service.  


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for work injuries and service injuries to create too many obstacles for service men and women to return to gainful employment. If you (or someone you know) is in this same position, it is important to have an attorney on your side, fighting for your rights. Oxner + Permar helps servicemen and women coordinate workers’ compensation benefits as well as social security disability. There are more options available than you may realize. With our guidance and support, you’ll find a path forward to the quality of life you’ve worked so hard for—and that is so important, especially given the sacrifices you’ve made to help others.


Oxner + Permar is a proud supporter of our troops. We have the compassion, knowledge and experience to ensure that our service men and women get the workman’s comp and social security benefits they deserve.