Back injury is a frequent cause of concern among many of our clients. There are just so many ligaments, discs, nerves, muscles and tendons. Let’s face it — if your back hurts, you pretty much hurt all over. We recently heard about a new invention called VerteLoc. It’s hailed as a “minimally invasive spine stabilization system” and the inventors are in North Carolina. The implant is unique in that it uses human bone rather than metal screws and bolts to limit the motion of the affected spine segment.

With early intervention in back problems, there’s a shorter recovery time and you get back in your daily routine quicker. If you have lower back pain caused by osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis, VerteLoc may help you. News sources state that it was first implanted in May 2008. There are more than 330 US patients within this first year. Here’s a link to their website. We haven’t had a client yet who has used this device, but we’re all for people feeling better quicker. We’ll keep you up to date as we hear more about this invention.

This article was written by Chip Permar