After a work injury, you might be chomping at the bit to return to work, and you’re not alone. Whether it’s because you’re ready for your regular paycheck, or because you’re bored with recovering at home or maybe simply because you miss your job, there are many reasons to want to head back to the workplace. I’ve had many clients who are worried about returning to work too soon. In terms of workers’ compensation, what does it mean to return to work? Will it hurt my case?

There are two ways  you can return to work:

  • Return to work (Form 28)
  • Trial return to work (Form 28T)

The difference between these two has to do with restrictions. Return to work (Form 28) is when you return to work without work restrictions. On the other hand a trial return to work (Form 28T) is required when you’re returning to work with restrictions.

Each of these scenarios will have different implications on your case; therefore, we recommend you seek an experienced attorney for advice. We’ll be able to look at your case specifically and decide exactly which course of action is best for you. The attorneys at Oxner + Permar are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the benefits that you deserve. And with over $275m in awards and settlements, we have the experience to know exactly which steps are best for your case.

When it comes to returning to work after an injury, every situation is different. Sometimes it makes sense to return right away; other times it’s best to wait.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact an attorney for a free consultation.