Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI, is the point where a doctor says you are as good as you’re going to get. In all honesty you’ll probably get a bit better over time, and there’s always a chance you’ll decline some, but it’s when the doctor thinks he’s done what he can do and it’s time to cut you loose. At that point, you are eligible to a permanent award based on either loss of earnings or permanent injury to you. In an accepted claim this is the point where an adjuster will want to close her file. Even if you’ve not had an attorney up to that point it’s an excellent time to give us a call and get us to walk you through your options. If there’s a single point in your case where the adjuster has no obligation to explain all of your legal options to you this is it. What she’ll propose is quite likely just a fraction of what you could receive. Every case is different but yours is certainly worth a thirty-minute phone call. We don’t charge for this and you’ll have a far better idea of what your claim is actually worth.