One of the most important pieces of advice we give to anyone involved in a workers’ compensation case is to make sure you file a report of the accident. It’s important to be as detailed as possible in order to support your workers’ compensation claim. However, what happens if you are unable to recall your injury? Is your workman’s comp case doomed for failure?


Of course, this is something that does happen, so it’s been addressed in court. If a worker falls and experiences a head injury, they might not be able to remember the exact circumstances of where, when or how they fell. This can make it difficult to prove whether or not their fall is can be compensated by workers’ compensation.


However, the courts in North Carolina have ruled that if an injured worker has an unexplained fall, then this is can be compensated by workers’ comp injury. If a worker does not remember the circumstances of their fall, they must be examined by a doctor. If the physician cannot find an explanation as to why they fell, then the employee’s injury would fall under the Unexplained Fall Law of Philbeck v. University of Michigan.


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