I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about uniforms. Some workers don’t enjoy wearing them: They say they’re not comfortable or that they lack individuality. One client mentioned to me that they didn’t like their uniform because it was just plain ugly. Other people love their uniforms: They say they’re comfy, that they make them look professional, or that it allows them to not have to think about what to wear. Regardless of how you feel about uniforms, we can all agree that none of us want our uniforms to make us sick.

Unfortunately, that’s what seems to be happening with American Airlines’ new uniforms. The airline company rolled out their new uniforms in September to more than 70,000 employees. Since then there are reports that as many as 2,000 employees have complained of sickness. With symptoms such as rashes, itching, headaches, and eye irritation, the union is already calling for a recall of the uniforms.


Although around 350 employees have already filed formal complaints, so far the uniform manufacturer’s response has been to offer uniforms made in different materials. They’re apparently working on a 100% cotton alternative uniform.


While irritation from a uniform may not strike you as something that needs a workers’ compensation claim, this is a type of injury covered by workers’ compensation. If you or someone you know has a uniform-related workers’ compensation claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions.

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