If you’re waiting for a social security disability claim settlement, then you know there are few things more frustrating than biding time until your hearing — especially when the benefits you will receive are essential to your day-to-day living. As of last spring, the average wait time for a hearing was just under a year and a half, which means more than a year has gone by since those employees were unable to work. This is a serious problem within the system.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things will be improving anytime soon. With Trump’s federal hiring freeze, there’s a good chance that these wait times will only get longer. One way to alleviate long wait times would be to hire more judges who could hear these cases. However, with this freeze, that’s no longer an option.


Despite the federal hiring freeze, people will continue to have a need for social security disability. Even though this freeze is temporary – it should lift when Trump’s administration can work out a new budget that supposedly accounts for the best use of Americans’ tax dollars – that doesn’t mean that will be the end of this problem.


Cases will continue to pile up until the freeze is lifted, and when the freeze is lifted it could take ages for the court system to catch up. Sorting through the backlog is going to take time. And unfortunately, most people who are waiting for a hearing, can’t afford to wait.


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