It’s summer time! And with the hot weather sometimes comes physically demanding jobs. Of course, a rise in the amount of work brings a rise in the number of accidents and injuries. Many times, we think we can “walk it off,” we tell ourselves that we’ll feel better eventually, or that it’s just part of the job. Sometimes the smaller aches and pains go away, but other times they might be part of a larger issue that only gets worse with time. That’s why no matter how small the injury, it’s important to report it — and to do it within 30 days.


This is no small matter. If you don’t report your claim to your employer in a timely manner, it could have negative consequences on your case. You must tell not only your employer, but also file a written report. That way there is physical evidence of your claim.


However, your claim doesn’t stop there. After you report your injury to your employer, you’ll have to file a workers’ compensation claim. In North Carolina, you have two years to file a workman’s comp claim. This is different from the initial report you give to your employer within 30 days.


Because you have two years to file for workers’ comp, you have a little more time to decide if your injury is serious before applying for benefits. That’s why it always pays to file a written injury report with your employer — because you never know what could turn out to be serious, and it’s always better to have written proof than nothing at all.


Always file an injury report within 30 days of your accident. Accident reports are a vital part of your workers’ comp claim. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation!