Our client was injured in a slip and fall accident at work, followed not long after by a car accident. He was injured to the extent of needing medical treatment and missing work for the initial slip and fall accident. Once he returned to work from the slip and fall, he then was involved in a motor vehicle accident, where he exacerbated those initial injuries, but also sustained new ones. The client was in pain. His goal was to receive medical treatment and get back to work. The insurance company was denying medical treatment because they contended these injuries were not the fault of the motor vehicle accident. His back injury was so severe he was receiving epidurals to manage the pain, and would soon need surgery. As medical bills piled up, the insurance company continued to deny medical treatment. We worked with the client and multiple physicians to prove the injuries were caused by the motor vehicle collision. When this claim settled, the client was able to go back to work, all of those medical bills were paid, and he still had some money to put aside for a rainy day.

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