He was a sales route driver for a major snack brand. Most of his day was spent unloading and unpacking snack products. He sustained a back injury that left him with permanent restrictions. He could no longer stand or walk for over 25 minutes per hour, or lift over 20 pounds. In his mid 40’s, the career he had known would no longer be an option for him. His biggest concern was having to start a new career, and not knowing if he would have the financial stability to do so. We spent a great deal of time discussing his options and identifying his natural skill set. After many discussions with his attorney, and a significant amount of research, he decided to go into human resources, but would need a degree. We took all of this into consideration while handling his claim and he ended up with a settlement at mediation that allowed him a fresh start. He promptly enrolled in a technical community college. He graduates with honors in the spring and his attorney has been invited to the ceremony.

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