Some state legislators will do just about anything to keep their state looking business friendly. A Utah law that reduces workers’ compensation benefits for workers over 65 that receive social security benefits has been ruled unlawful. In most states, only Social Security disability benefits are reduced when the injured worker receives periodic workers’ compensation payments. The law Utah tried to hold up essentially kicks injured workers’ off of periodic compensation payments simply because they turn 65. You can read the article here.

Insurance companies and business lobbyists will often push government to pass laws that keep older workers from receiving full workers’ compensation benefits. Having a workers’ compensation age cut-off reduces exposure for insurance companies and hurts the leverage of injured workers negotiating with insurance companies. This is something that businesses in North Carolina are actively pursuing. Unfortunately, state legislatures are often willing participants in passing these laws because it makes them look more business-friendly. I imagine this will continue to be the case as long as big business have more money to lobby with than injured and disabled people.

This article was written by Chip Permar