When your Social Security Disability claim gets to the level where you have a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, you may be asked several questions by the judge to verify your application. These questions could include:

Tell me where you worked and the employment dates for the last dozen years. Describe what you did for each employer.

Why do you feel that you can no longer work?

What medications do you take, and what should I know about their side effects and your limitations?

Do you have pain? Where is it? How would you rate it?

Tell me about your ability to stand, walk and sit — how long can you do each of them and do you need any assistance?

I want to know about your lifestyle. In other words, what do you involve yourself with when you’re at home. Are you able to drive? Where do you go?

How has having a disability changed your life?

These questions are nothing to be alarmed about so you should not be concerned or nervous. The judge is just verifying your information and getting insight from you, a real person, about your claim.

This article was written by Todd P. Oxner