Our client was traveling home from a friend’s house just outside of downtown Greensboro and stopped at a red light. His car was hit from behind and totalled. He had no reported injuries at the scene, but after a night’s sleep, he had back pain. He had chiropractic treatment and saw an orthopaedic physician but did not have an operable condition. So he was stuck with ongoing pain and medical bills of $6,700. The insurance company for the driver that hit him (who ironically refer to themselves as the “good hands people”) felt that his injuries were worth a settlement offer of $5,400, … yes, $1,300 less than his actual medical bills. Zero for pain and suffering. Zero for lost wages. A Guilford county jury felt otherwise and awarded our client just over $32,000. By the time costs and prejudgment interest were added, “the good hands people” paid over $37,000 for their driver’s negligence.

This article was written by Chip Permar