As summer comes to a close, we feel that it’s important to remind everyone about the importance of donating to your local food banks. As we mentioned, summer brings a very high demand on food banks. Many children rely on free or subsidized meal programs at school during the school year. However, once school lets out for the summer, this safety net against hunger vanishes.


As a result, many families look to food banks for support. The peak time for donations is around the holidays and we see substantially fewer donations during the summer. Because of the higher demand for food, and the lack of donations, many food banks struggle over the summer months. By the time kids are going back to school, it’s likely that their supplies are heavily depleted.


It’s important to remember to give to food banks throughout the year, and not just during the holidays. You may have seen some of our billboards around town promoting food donations to food banks. At Oxner + Permar, we believe it’s important to look after our community in any way possible. Helping to make sure that everyone has access to a good meal is just one way we do our part.


As summer ends, many food banks are trying to restore depleted supplies. If you’re able, we encourage you to find your local food bank and make a donation!