If you’ve been hurt on the job and sustained injuries to more than one part of your body, it’s possible that the insurance company is paying for treatment to one body part but neglecting the other. For example, maybe you injured your neck and shoulder at work, but the insurance company is covering only shoulder treatment. It is important that you seek treatment for other injuries so that you don’t open yourself up to further complications and risk being out of work even longer.

But if the insurance company refuses to pay, what do you do? There is help; you just need the right team to help ensure your rights are protected.

At Oxner + Permar, we will work to get the full treatment you need so that all of your injuries are covered. With our support, you’ll be able to return to work feeling confident and back to 100 percent.

With a team of 27 attorneys who have won more than $275 million in awards and settlements, Oxner + Permar knows how to go after the insurance companies and beat them at their own game. The only people who don’t receive the total benefits they deserve are those who don’t stand up and get a team like ours on your side. We make wrongs, right.