Without an excellent attorney by your side, you could be leaving valuable benefits on the table when it comes to your partial disability claim. It happens more than you may realize.

An employee is injured at work. A claim is accepted. Medical treatment is provided—and work restrictions are honored. Eventually, he or she reaches maximum medical improvement and heads back to work.

What most people don’t realize is that they may be eligible for scheduled benefits under N.C. Gen. Stat §97-31—a partial impairment rating that determines employees who are not fully healed may receive additional benefits. Weeding through all of the particulars to determine if you are eligible for partial disability benefits can be very tricky. Consult an experienced attorney who can direct you. Oxner & Permar knows exactly how to help you and will ensure that you receive all of the benefits you are due.

If you are cleared for work, but not yet fully recovered, you may be eligible for partial disability payments. Contact Oxner + Permar for expert consultation to determine if you are due more benefits than you’ve received.