After you’re injured on the job, we know that funds can be tight. From medical bills, to not being able to return to work, to the general expenses of daily life, a work injury can lead to tough financial situations for yourself and your family — leaving you wondering, “When will I start receiving my workers’ compensation checks?”

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, “no compensation shall be allowed for the first seven calendar days of a disability resulting from an injury.” This means you’ll be waiting at least a week. In this time, we recommend reaching out to an attorney — the sooner the better. In the event that your injury leaves you disabled for more than 21 days, you may be allowed compensation from the date of your disability.

While you are allowed to use sick days or vacation days to cover the first week you’re out of work due to your work injury, you are not required to use this limited resource. Constantly, we see employers and insurers misinforming injured workers about their use of paid time off.

Hiring a lawyer early on in the process will ensure that you’ve got someone on your side who understands all the laws and nuances of dealing with a workman’s compensation case. With more than $275m in settlements and awards, we have the experience to guide you through the workers’ compensation process and ensure that your rights are being protected.

By law, you are not able to receive workman’s compensation until a week after your injury. If you have any questions about the workers’ compensation process, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney.