In North Carolina you need to prove two things to win a workers’ compensation claim. First, that you were injured. Second, that the injury occurred while working as a result of either an accident or an occupational disease. So if you’re just doing your normal work and your knee gives way or your shoulder pops you will still have to prove that this was the result of an accident or an occupational disease. This is why it’s important to speak with an attorney early on! All too often an adjuster has gotten injured workers to say that they were just doing their normal work. Next thing you know the claim is denied. It isn’t right, but it happens. Because the system moves very slowly our approach is to be aggressive right away. If the claim is denied, looks like it’s going to be denied, or if the adjuster is dragging her feet then we don’t think there is any time for delay or hesitation. We immediately file a request for a hearing and get the Industrial Commission to push the adjuster into action. Why? In our experience injured people who get treatment are able to return to work successfully and more quickly than those who don’t get treatment. If your goal is to get better and back to work then we are the attorneys for you. That’s our goal and we work long hours to prevent adjusters from dragging their feet.