It’s not unusual for some companies to use a temporary employment agency to hire and place workers for a period of 90, or even 180, days before you become a permanent employee. This makes sense to them from a business point of view. Your workers’ compensation claim will be against the temp agency. Everything should proceed just as it would for any other employee. The only difference is that when the doctor puts you on light duty the company to which you were assigned is probably not going to accommodate you. The temp agency will either assign you to a different company or they may even have you do light duty in their office. If the temp agency isn’t placing you be sure that you have a written record (copies of notes or emails) documenting that you are asking them at least weekly if they have anything available within your restrictions. You’re entitled to be compensated for this period out of work. But we’ve seen a lot of temp agencies claim that the injured worker never made themselves available for work. Don’t fall into that trap.