The easiest way is to call us and talk it over!

We don’t charge anything to talk and 99% of the time you can talk with either Chip Permar or Todd Oxner within just a few minutes of calling. Unlike a lot of other firms, we think injured workers should talk to attorneys not just to “intake specialists” or “investigators.” We also think you probably want to speak with some of the most experienced and high profiles lawyers in the firm. So the two founders of the firm set aside every day to talk to injured workers. We’ve asked around and as far as we can tell we are the only firm this size where just about any time you need you can talk to the guys’ whose names are on the door.

Our rule of thumb for needing a lawyer:

1.The claim is denied.
2.The adjuster is not paying the correct amount on a timely basis.
3.The adjuster is not authorizing medical treatment on a timely basis.
4.You will likely have a surgery or a permanent disability.
5.You have questions as to whether or not you can return to your old job for the long term.
6.The adjuster is trying to get you to settle your case but is not offering you enough money.

It isn’t limited to that list, of course, but we deal with those situations almost daily. And we have specific solutions and ideas that we can tailor to your case if you find yourself in that predicament. So give us a call.