When something as important as your workers’ compensation benefits is based on the evaluation of one doctor, we understand the desire of many of our clients to get a second opinion. It can give you the security and peace of mind to know that you’re receiving workman’s comp benefits and work restrictions that are most appropriate for you and your recovery. So after a work injury, is it possible to receive an evaluation from a second doctor to assess your case?

The good news is: in most cases, yes! In South Carolina everyone is permitted to ask for a second opinion, and in most cases, the Commission finds these requests reasonable. More often than not, insurance companies are willing to work with us to get you a second opinion without the hassle of litigation.

Of course your insurance company is going to want some say in which doctor you choose to give you a second opinion. However, we have experience working with insurance companies to help pick a physician that is agreeable not only to them, but you as well.

When it comes to your care, it’s best to have as many people on your side as possible. Whether it’s your doctors or your attorney, it’s good to know that your worker’s compensation benefits are fair and that your work restrictions are fair. At Oxner + Permar we’re passionate about ensuring that our clients are given the best tools to make their recovery process as easy as possible.

Never hesitate to ask for a second opinion when it comes to your work injury. Insurance companies are often willing to work with us to make sure your health evaluation is as accurate as possible. For more frequently asked questions be sure to visit our FAQ page.