It’s 2017. New year, new president. And with the inauguration of the president last month, it’s worth taking the time to take a look at what Trump’s policies mean for workers’ compensation. Whenever there’s a change of power, there’s bound to be a change in policies. So far, Trump’s policies seem like they’re going to impact workers’ comp in a much different way than Obama’s did.


Of course, it’s really too early to tell exactly how Trump’s policies will affect workman’s comp. There’s always a disconnect between what a candidate promises on the campaign trail and the reality of what they can achieve while in office. But based on what Trump has said, there are a few concerns regarding the future of workers’ compensation.


One of the main concerns is Trump’s desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act (more commonly referred to as “Obamacare”). The ACA goes a long way to ensure that workers’ comp costs are kept low and affordable. Thanks to the ACA, people are able to visit the doctor for less serious injuries knowing they will be covered by their health insurance. In that way workman’s comp money is saved for those who truly need it.


Moreover, Trump’s desire to cut back on funds for national health insurance programs such as medicare and medicaid will also put a strain on workers’ comp. Premiums are likely to go up as medical costs increase.


Only time will tell exactly how the Trump presidency will affect workers’ compensation. Regardless of how things might change, it’s always best to follow work safety guidelines. If you are injured at work, file for workers’ compensation and contact an attorney to help you through the process. If you sustain a work related injury, you are entitled to compensation. Make sure you have someone on your side to defend your rights.


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