Most all of you know about our love/hate relationship with Facebook. We love it because it gives a chance to do all the stuff you do on Facebook. (Let’s face it, if I try to actually detail what I do on Facebook everyone will laugh. I don’t actually do much more than put pictures of my kids online and talk to old college friends from Canada…) What we hate about Facebook is all the trouble it causes for our clients whose taken-out-of context pictures and posts are used against them when they put in their claims.

Despite that, we are happy to announce the new Oxner + Permar Facebook page!!! We are just building it as we speak but enough of it is live now that we want you, yes YOU, to Like us! In addition to all the educational materials we have on our website we will be putting pictures and articles about our community service projects as well as our extended Oxner + Permar family. This will let us share some of our personal sides with all of you.

As many of you know we have had a policy that we did not become “friends” with clients in an effort to protect everyone’s identity. We’ve set up the page so that only the site administrators (three of us in the firm) are the only ones who will se who has “liked” us. Additionally, for the foreseeable future only the administrators will be writing on the wall. Again, we want to protect the identity and privacy of our friends.

So please “like” us and check back often so that we can keep you completely up to date on what is happening in the legal world of personal injury, social security, workers’ compensation cases, as well as what is going on at Oxner + Permar!