If you take on a dangerous job, you understand that there’s a certain amount of risk that goes along with it. Even so, everyone has the right to workers’ comp insurance. You should have confidence that if something were to happen to you while at work, you would be taken care of. Unfortunately this is not the case for two workers at Raleigh’s Central Prison.


There’s an expectation that working at a prison is a dangerous job, and employees go through a lot of preparation to ensure that they are ready for that environment. However, things sometimes slip through the cracks, and unpredictable behavior can end in injury. This is what happened to Rosie Andersen and Laura Harmon. Andersen was directly attacked by an inmate, and Harmon was injured when a fight broke out in her office. Both women filed for workers’ comp after sustaining serious injuries.


However, both have run into several difficulties with their claims. The state has been incredibly slow in paying for treatment. Both women have reported medical bills piling up that their insurance should be covering. They also say that the insurance companies have been pressuring them to return to work despite the fact that neither feel ready.


You should never be made to feel forced to return to work or to pay for medical expenses that are covered by your workers’ comp insurance. The state needs to step up its game and take responsibility for its employees. If you have been injured at work and the insurance company is behind on payments or pressuring you to return to work, you should contact an attorney immediately.


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