If you have a non-traditional workers’ compensation case, you might be concerned that we won’t represent you. The reality of the situation is that we deal with non-traditional cases all the time.


I’m currently helping a client who works for a staffing agency. She took a position at a large corporation. While on her way into work one morning, she tripped and fell in the parking lot. As a result, she sustained significant damage to her knee and eye.


Despite her injuries, her workers’ compensation claim has been denied. Even though she was on the property of her place of work, they turned her down because the parking lot where she fell was not owned by the staffing agency, but by the company where she had been working. Her employer was the staffing agency, not the company.


Despite this, we are working with her in order to get her fair compensation. It doesn’t matter if you think your case is complicated or unusual. At Oxner + Permar, we’re passionate about defending our clients.


If you’ve been injured at work and are unsure if we’ll cover your case, give us a call! At Oxner + Permar we offer a free consultation.