North Carolina winters can be pretty unpredictable. It can be 70 and sunny one day, and then snowing and freezing a few days later. Because of this, we’ve developed a reputation for being a state that doesn’t handle the snow well, and to some extent, it’s true. As infrequently as it snows here, it’s usually easier to close everything down until the snow clears up and it’s safe for us to leave our homes again. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for everyone, and with the snow comes an uptick in accidents and injuries.


When it comes to workers’ compensation and winter weather, there are a few important things to take into consideration. First, you are not covered by workers’ compensation on your commute. So if you come into work on a snowy day and get injured in a car accident on your way to your job, that injury won’t be covered by workers’ comp. When dealing with winter weather, we recommend that you don’t risk it. If you can work from home or take time off, you definitely should!


This is a little different for those who have to drive for their jobs. Whether you’re running deliveries or on a business trip, if you get into a car accident while driving for your work, your injuries should be covered by workers’ compensation regardless of whether or not the accident was technically your fault. And of course this doesn’t apply to just wintery weather conditions. Whatever the circumstance, you’ll be able to seek compensation if an accident occurs while you’re driving on-the-job.


When it comes to winter weather, be careful! Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover your commute to work. Be sure to contact an experienced attorney if you have any questions.