Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes. We have pretty credible evidence of investigators following spouses of injured workers. In at least some of these instances it’s been done in a way that scared the heck out of the client’s wife. In another, case the investigator closely followed the teenage girlfriend of our client’s son, doing so for 15-20 minutes down a dark country road at night.

We’ve also taken issue with investigators who take what we believe to be unnecessary pictures of clients’ minor children. We’ve repeatedly argued against this practice at the Industrial Commission – even letting them hear tapes of the investigators laughing about forcibly shaving the head of a young African American child – but nothing has come of it. Similarly we’ve asked that insurance companies be prevented from hiring convicted child abusers to do private investigation work.

Until Gov. McCrory and the legislature intervene on these issues the best defense is a strong offense. If you have even a hint that you are being followed you should definitely call an attorney.