When an employee is injured at work, we always tell our clients that they should file a claim with their employer as soon as possible. However, if you work for a temporary agency you might be wondering, how does that work for me? Can I still file a claim if I work for a temporary staffing agency?

When clients ask me this, my response is “Yes!” You absolutely can still file a workman’s comp claim if you work for a temp agency. Under the NC Workers’ Comp Act, you are entitled to benefits.

Generally, claims are still filed in the same way a permanent employee would; however, the key difference is that you are filing a claim against the temporary work agency and the insurance company not the contracted employer.

If you are injured as a temporary employee then you must inform both your temporary work agency and the employer you are doing work for. For instance, let’s say you’re employed by ABC Staffing Agency, and they place you at Bob’s Truck Shop. You begin work there and things are going well, but one day an accident occurs and you break your arm. You must file an incident report detailing the accident and your injury with both Bob’s Truck Shop and ABC Staffing Agency.

If you work for a temporary staffing agency and are injured while on the job, you have rights and may be entitled to benefits. At Oxner+Permar, we have experience working with all kinds of employees, and we’re dedicated to making sure that you receive the settlement that you deserve.

Did you know that as a temporary employee, you’re still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? If you have any questions concerning workers’ comp and temporary employment, contact one of our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.