Waiting to get a hearing for your Social Security Disability benefits can be frustrating. The current wait time to get a Social Security Disability hearing scheduled in any of the four North Carolina offices is at least 18 months. This is a lengthy amount of time to wait for disability benefits when you’re unable to work.



During this time an attorney will continue to build the case based on medical evidence for a claimant. The best steps to take during this time are to continue treating with doctors and work toward getting supportive records and statements from your physicians.


The good news is there are some things you can do that may help get a hearing scheduled faster. One step is a “Congressional Inquiry”. One way to possibly expedite the process is to contact the office of your local congressman or senator. This inquiry would involve a congressional staff member to call or write the Social Security office on your behalf. Although there are no guaranteed results, it can’t hurt your case, and it could possibly get your hearing scheduled in six months rather than a year or two.


Working with an experienced attorney from the beginning can help strengthen your case. If you have any questions about your Social Security Disability case and how you can expedite your hearing give Oxner + Permar a call for a free consultation.