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Workers’ Compensation Teachers benefits


Workers’ Compensation  Teachers benefits

Workers compensation for teachers—extra benefits you may be missing

Many public school teachers get injured on the job when they break up fights or attempt to contain aggressive children. What they often do not realize is that they could have additional benefits waiting for them—beyond what the Workers’ Compensation Act provides.


Here is a recent example. In Greensboro, Oxner + Permar represented a teacher who was hurt on the job when a special needs child accidentally caused an injury.  Although the child had no intention of harming our client, the violent tug caused significant damage. The school system agreed that our client suffered “an episode of violence.” This declaration entitled the teacher to benefits beyond the typical workman’s compensation covering the first year after the incident.


Too often, teachers accept the workers’ comp benefits they are given and stop there, even if it means uncompensated time away from work or limitations on the amount of care they receive.

If you are a public school teacher, or if you have friends and family members in your circle who teach at public schools, make sure you know the full extent of benefits that could apply to you. You don’t have to accept the one-size-fits-all worker’s comp benefit you’ve been awarded. The attorneys at Oxner + Permar know worker’s comp up and down. We’ll make sure you are aware of the law and understand how to navigate the system to receive the full extent of workers’ comp benefits you deserve.