What is Personal Injury?

Personal Injury is a legal term that covers injury to the body, mind or emotions; not personal property. Personal injury cases are generally based on negligence law, or in other words, an individual’s breach of his or her duty to another. Common examples of personal injury cases include car or truck accidents, slip and fall cases, dog bite cases, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

What Comes Next?

If you want to get fair compensation and not just the minimum they might be willing to shell out – and that’s if you’re lucky to get anything at all – you’ll need help. You want fair compensation. Fortunately, you can get that help right here, at Oxner + Permar. Just call our office at 1.800.319.9000 for free information.

And be sure to act quickly. Why? Because in personal injury cases, speed is essential:
There is evidence that must be preserved. Especially with accidents, evidence can disappear before your lawyer has had a chance to see it. There’s just so much at stake – for both sides.

So please don’t wait. Any available evidence will be crucial for helping you win your case, which means that the consequence of losing even part of it could be disastrous:

No evidence = no case. Don’t let that happen to you.

There are other things as well that have to be done just right to preserve your chances at fair compensation. You may have to see the right kind of physicians, and experts to get just the right kind of documentation to preserve your claim. Of course, you’ll also need to keep accurate records. We’ll be able to advise you on what those are.

So, are we the right attorneys for you? We won’t know without speaking with you. When you call us at 1.800.319.9000 for your free information, we will be able to tell you quickly whether or not we are the right lawyers for your situation.