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Why can’t the adjuster pay me on time?

November 27, 2015
In most cases there is absolutely nothing that prevents an adjuster from paying you on time. It’s just a matter of her interest and inclination in doing so. In some cases when the employer is self-insured they must send money periodically to the insurance company. In those instances we’ve heard adjusters use the excuse that […]
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The doctor has ordered a test but the adjuster isn’t approving it. Why?

December 3, 2015
There’s no simple answer to this but here are a few possibilities. First, she’s lazy or procrastinating or overworked. Maybe. Second, she’s in denial that the test is actually necessary. She may be hoping that you spontaneously get better without the test. That occasionally happens but not often. Most experienced workers’ compensation doctors aren’t just […]
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Why does the adjuster have to get a second opinion when her own doctor has recommended surgery?

December 21, 2015
She shouldn’t, but under the current set of laws there really isn’t much of a limit to what the adjuster can request. It rarely works to simply refuse to attend a second opinion. On the other hand we’ve had some success convincing the Industrial Commission that the adjuster is abusing her privileges. And under a […]
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Can the adjuster really send me halfway across the state to see a different doctor?

December 30, 2015
Sometimes, and, if they can get away with it. A while back a well-known neurosurgeon based in Raleigh spoke at a closed-door meeting with adjusters at a meeting sponsored by a law firm, which represents mostly insurance companies and employers. During the course of his presentation he stated that he believed a lot of injured […]
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Can my employer or the adjuster talk to my doctor behind my back?

January 5, 2016
Yes. And they do. All the time. They didn’t use to be allowed to do that, but very very often they did anyway. Successful lobbying with Gov. McCrory and the political leaders in the legislature lead to a huge change in the law. Now employers can talk to your doctor but are not required to […]
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