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Viagra Users: How Well Do you Know the Potential Injuries Associated With “the Little Blue Pill”?


Viagra Users: How Well Do you Know the Potential Injuries Associated With “the Little Blue Pill”?

It’s hard to know how many men currently use Viagra, but it’s safe to say that a significant portion of the population takes this drug—yet many people are not fully aware of the potential injuries associated with it or that they may have a personal injury case on their hands.

So, what is Viagra? Viagra (sildenafil) is an oral medication used by men to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Manufactured by Pfizer, and approved by the U.S.London, United Kingdom - October 28, 2014: A Viagra box with two tablets. Viagra is manufactured by the US drug and pharmaceutical corporation based in New York. Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men since 1998. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat erectile dysfunction in 1998, Viagra has been prescribed to more than 20 million men. Often known as “the little blue pill,” Viagra is immensely popular and was the first oral medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

What are the potential injuries? A recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that men who use Viagra have an increased risk of developing melanoma, one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer. The long-term study began in 1986 and was led by Qing Li, Ph.D, of the Harvard Medical School-Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The study surveyed over 51,000 males who worked in the health profession. This is a significant risk factor to be aware of—and one about which that you should seriously consider contacting an attorney.

Why contact an attorney? Men who developed melanoma after consistent Viagra use are filing cases against the drug manufacturer, Pfizer. Since lawsuits are being filed in many different jurisdictions, these cases have been grouped together in a federal Multi-District Litigation (MDL). One federal judge is in charge of the litigation so that the common legal and factual questions can be decided more easily and consistently.

Why is it important to move quickly? Statutes of limitations in each state govern the amount of time each individual has to file a case. If your case is not filed by this particular deadline, you may be permanently prevented from recovering a settlement for your injury.

If you believe you have developed melanoma caused by Viagra, don’t delay! Contact Oxner + Permar immediately for a free consultation. We handle personal injury cases against pharmaceutical companies every day—and we win our clients thousands in settlement money.

The Xarelto Bellweather Trials


The Xarelto Bellweather Trials
We all hope that pharmaceutical drug companies have our best interest at heart. We put our trust in them and trust that they are looking out for our health and our wellbeing. Though the unfortunate truth is that sometimes profits are put before patients and drugs that aren’t properly tested make it onto the market, often to disastrous results. One such unsafe drug that appeared recently was a blood thinner produced by Bayer called Xarelto.

When Xarelto appeared on the market it was fast selling, making $567 million in the first quarter alone. In 2015, the drug earned $2 billion worth of revenue. With earnings like that, it’s easy to see why Bayer was so keen to get this drug into pharmacies across the nation. However, the drug had deadly side effects, the worst of which was uncontrollable bleeding.

As one might imagine, this led to more than 4,500 lawsuits being filed against Xarelto’s makers for grievances ranging from financial hardships caused by hospital bills and extended medical care to funeral costs and wrongful deaths.

It can be challenging for a single person to stand up to a major pharmaceutical company such as this, which is why it’s useful to utilize Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)—when a number of cases are brought before a single judge who has a specialized knowledge relevant to the cases. This is exactly the route being taken by those looking to bring litigation against the makers of Xarelto. The cases will be brought before Judge Eldon Fallon in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

The first trials of a MDL are referred to as the “Bellweather Trials.” The Bellweather trials are cases specifically chosen to set the tone for all subsequent cases. They help the plaintiff and defense counsel gauge how juries will respond to such cases, and give them a good idea of how similar cases are likely to play out. They can help set precedents and allow a large number of cases pass through the system quickly, yet justly.

The dates for the first four Bellweather trials in the Xarelto litigation have already been set for early 2017. The dates are:

February 6, 2017
March 13, 2017
April 24, 2017
May 30, 2017

Standing up to a large corporation such as a major pharmaceutical company alone can be a challenge. But having someone on your side, whether it’s an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, or thousands of other people who are in your situation and understand what you’re going through, can give you the power to take a stand. Don’t go it alone. Seek help from an attorney to find out what you can do to make sure that your rights are protected.

Worst North Carolina Industrial Commission ruling I’ve seen lately


I often remark that I don’t understand some of the rulings from the Industrial Commission. Here’s an example of one I saw recently.The attorney for the insurance company, GAB Robbins, arranged for my client to be seen for an Independent Medical Examination with a neurosurgeon. The visit went well, according to both the rehabilitation nurse and our client, but the doctor was very slow in producing the medical records from the visit. I requested the records, the defense attorney requested the records, and the rehab nurse requested them. None of us got anything from the doctor.

While this was frustrating for all of us it certainly appeared that the delay was based solely in the doctor’s office. Despite this the attorney for GAB Robbins wrote to the Industrial Commission asking that our client, the injured worker, be ordered to produce the records within 15 days or face termination of her weekly checks. To her credit the defense attorney for GAB Robbins told the Industrial Commission that we had made multiple efforts to obtain the records to no avail.

To our amazement the North Carolina Industrial Commission promptly filed an Order stating that if Dr. So-and-so didn’t produce the records within 15 days the injured workers checks could be terminated. How this threat against the injured worker was going to motivate the defendant’s hand-picked doctor wasn’t stated. Allow me to be very clear here: I don’t think the Industrial Commission was trying to be unfair. The problem is that career government types don’t understand the real world of dealing with doctors, adjusters, and all. That’s how a skilled defense attorney can take advantage of the situation to their clients’ benefit.

This article was written by Todd P. Oxner

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What’s a fair amount to pay your workers’ comp attorney?


The short answer: No more than 25% of the benefits which the attorney gets for you. We never do that.

The long answer: Some attorneys are demanding 25% of an injured worker’s checks from the moment he walks in their door. We think that is taking advantage of the workers’ comp claimant. That is completely unfair. We don’t take cases if we cannot add value to them — and we don’t expect to get paid until we do. You should never have to give up any of your money (which you need to live on) until the lawyer has done something for you. And filing a couple of form letters with the Industrial Commission isn’t enough to earn a fee. In fact it is virtually unheard of for the NCIC to award a fee of more than 25%.

As a general rule we think it is improper for a lawyer to take a cut of your weekly check unless she actually went to a hearing to get the checks started, or if he kept the checks going at a hearing. But if an attorney asks you to pay them from the minute they represent you, or if they write a couple of letters and make some phone calls to get checks started and then want 25% of your money forever, you should seriously consider whether they are in it for your best interests or just for your money.

This article was written by Todd P. Oxner